salon lighting fixtures

Have you ever felt like you were fighting for light in your salon?

You finish creating a flawless balayage or full-face of special event makeup, only to have your work hindered by hideous lighting? There’s nothing more frustrating than being held back from your true potential by a bad environment! You invest in your training, your tools and your technology; don’t make lighting the one element that brings down your business! Investing in high-quality lighting brings out the best in your work. Below are our top three benefits that come with choosing professional lighting for your salon!

1) Never Suffer from Shadows Again

When it comes time for the big reveal, it’s important to illuminate your entire human canvas! Make sure your salon is set up to avoid dark shadows being cast on your clients and underwhelming your hard work. The location of your lights can be paramount in preventing pesky shadows from popping up! The easiest way to steer clear of shadows is to position lighting at the mirror, on both sides of the face. This will highlight your work and draw attention to the entire face evenly, rather than causing stark contrast. Installing strategic mirror lighting is extra crucial if your salon is set up with track lighting or uneven overhead lights.

2) Light Up for Longer

Like all salon equipment, the quality of your lighting reflects the quality of your work. Investing in professional lighting means investing in your salon services. Professional lighting lasts significantly longer than budget brands. Consider how many hours you’ll be using your lights. If your salon operates 40 hour work weeks, you’re looking at nearly 2000 hours of operation! That is a LOT of time for your lights to shine. Professional lighting stands the test of time and can operate continuously without emitting heat or dulling.

3 ) Retain Repeat Customers

High-quality lighting helps you retain clients. Within the first few minutes of seeing their hair or makeup results, your client's expression says it all. Without optimal lighting, you run the risk of losing a potential lifetime client. Make that initial look count with lighting that truly showcases your work in the most flattering form possible!

Now that you know the top reasons to opt for professional lighting, it's time to stock up your salon! Whatever your space - big, small or mobile, there’s a Glamcor lighting setup to suit your space and budget. Shop our LED-lined salon mirrors and flexible studio lighting to bring out the best in your salon!