$256.95 AUD

Meet the Creator, a multi-device tripod stand for ultimate content creation.

Featuring 3 flexible arms, 3 phone clips and 3 fast-charging USB ports that allows you to create professional and high-quality video for your audience. With 360-degree heads, this tripod can be manipulated at any angle for the perfect frame.

The CREATOR is not only the best home broadcasting equipment but also your personal production team, it can hold one phone with your outline, a second phone streaming Instagram Live, and the third phone streaming Facebook Live.

With no other streaming device like this on the market, you can take your content creation to the next level.

The CREATOR can be used with GLAMCOR's Mirror Accessory, Camera Clip, Tablet Clip, Phone Clip and Dual Phone Clip (sold separately) to hold up to six phones.

Use for live streaming workouts, beauty routines, dance routines, cooking, entertainment, vlogging and much much more!


- Fully flexible luminary with 3 arms and 360-degree heads
- 3 USB fast-charging ports for charging phone/tablet
- Dual voltage 100-240AC
- Ultra-lightweight: 2kg

Kit Includes

- (1) GLAMCOR Creator flexible luminary
- (3) Universal Phone Clips
- (1) Lightweight polished aluminium telescopic stand
- (1) Carry bag with trolley sleeve