GLAMCOR Paris Lights (76cm)

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Got 99 problems? Now lighting ain’t one! Introducing the Paris lights - the answer to your lighting woes! Let’s talk about your lighting problems of the past…

- You’ve struggled to get the right overhead lighting that actually illuminates the person in front of the mirror
- Your vanity station begs for brighter lighting but there’s nothing convenient to attach a light fixture to
- You’ve had lighting installations quoted and just about cried when you found out the cost

The solution called, and her name is Paris! The elegant and thin construction of these professional lights is a true masterpiece of both function and design! Say au revoir to your electrician and install these lights yourself! Simply apply the Paris lights on top of existing mirrors using double-sided tape. Alternatively, put the Paris lights up next to a mirror by hanging them on the wall like the work of art they truly are! Whichever option you pick, installation is a piece of cake (or baguette if you prefer)!

The Paris lights have an ultra-clear mirror glass surface that can blend into any existing mirror. The included remote control gives you the convenience of controlling the power and dimming lights to accommodate any time of day.

The Paris lights are available in two sizes (76cm or 91cm) to suit your specific vanity station. This listing is for the 76cm variety.


- (2) Ultra-clear glass finish LED bars
- Colour consistency guarantee
- Aluminum frame
- 216 (76cm) special performance daylight 5,600K LEDs
- Five stage dimming (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%)
- Remote control
- Dual voltage (110-240AC)
- Dimensions are (76cm Length) x (6.6cm Width) x (27.9cm Diameter)
- Virtually zero heat generated from lighting
- Keyholes for easy wall mounting
- Environmentally friendly LED technology