GLAMCOR Universal Camera Clip - For Multimedia Models

$10.00 AUD Regular price $35.95 AUD

Ready, set, smile! Place your DSLR camera in prime position with this universal camera clip. Designed for use with GLAMCOR’s Multimedia Extreme, this universal clip accommodates any DSLR camera up to 1.3kg.

This convenient add-on allows you to place your DSLR camera in the middle of your Multimedia Extreme lighting setup. Surround both sides of your camera to illuminate high-quality video or photography. Perfect for content creators, makeup artists, estheticians and nail technicians.

Works alongside any camera with a thread for tripod base.


This accessory is NOT compatible with the Classic Elite 2, Classic Revolution, MONO Light or Classic Ultra.

It is ONLY COMPATIBLE with the Multimedia X/Multimedia Extreme Lit Kit Bundle.